Pricing Disclosure

At Delta Disposal, our dedication lies in delivering quality service, all while upholding safety, responsibility, and sustainability in our operations. This page serves as a resource, offering insights and further details on some of the frequently encountered charges and fees that may appear on your invoice. These charges and fees are essential for us to cover both the direct and indirect costs associated with our operations and to maintain a reasonable profit margin. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the charges and fees featured on your invoice, please consult the information provided below.

Rate Increases 

During the duration of your service with Delta Disposal, it may become necessary to implement rate adjustments. These rate increases are essential to accommodate the rising operational expenses and to ensure that Delta Disposal maintains a reasonable operating margin and a satisfactory return on its investment in service provision. Please note that Delta Disposal retains the exclusive discretion to determine the extent of any rate adjustments, and we will furnish advance notice regarding any such changes in rates.

Container Delivery and Removal Fees

Delta Disposal offers the convenience of providing containers, which may incur a rental charge, to facilitate the collection and on-site storage of your solid waste and recyclable materials while we deliver our service. In certain instances, these containers are custom designed to seamlessly integrate with Delta Disposal’s vehicles and associated equipment.

The fees associated with container delivery and removal serve to offset the operational expenses incurred when dispatching a truck to deliver your container(s) at the outset of your service and subsequently removing your container(s) upon the conclusion of your service. Additionally, these fees encompass the costs related to cleaning, repairs, and refurbishment of the containers after your usage.

Please be aware that Delta Disposal sets and has the discretion to modify container delivery and removal fees. The charges for these services will be determined at the prevailing rate established by Delta Disposal at the time when your container is either delivered or removed.

Late Fees

In the event that your invoice remains unpaid on or after its due date, Delta Disposal retains the right to impose a late payment fee. These late payment fees are designed to assist Delta Disposal in recuperating the expenses associated with the administration of delinquent customer accounts.